What You Need To Know About Hojo Magnetic Motor

"Hojo" is the abbreviation that comes from the name of its inventor, Howard Johnson in the 1980's. This amazing magnet power motor was considered as the most pioneering invention in magnetic motor technology today. It was recently released with a DIY electricity manual and a a set of instructions and plans to help its users assemble their own magnetic electricity generator capable of powering home with nothing more than a few parts easily sourced locally.

You can see below a short video below for you to explore more about this one of the earliest linear motor lines in the free energy industry today designed by the inventor Howard Johnson in 1978.

This product is considered today as the most complete and credible product since it is run without an input of electricity or any kind of external energy! This magnetic motor uses uses a series of strategically placed magnets around a rotor using two sets of magnets known as the stator magnets while the second is called the armature magnets in generating its motive power.

Johnson faced difficult and major challenges for decades like coping with skeptics and disbelievers stating that it violates the law of Conservation of Energy. Even today that much development has been carried out by a handful of dedicated pioneers to fulfil many different types of commercial application, powerful people spend a lot of money covering this up and suppressing new technologies.

But this ultimate magnetic generator offers many benefits to people. It wil cut your fees on paying to electric bills since this magnetic device can help you generate your own electricity at home.